CoreChair Ergonomic Task Chair

  845.00  each


Core Chair now available in the UK from Natural Living

Active sitting on Core Chair stimulates circulation and activates and strengthens the stabilising core muscles. In turn, this prevents the negative consequences that come with inactivity and a sedentary state. By working the muscles, Core Chair also has a training effect that reduces the risk of back and neck pain.

Inactivity is at the core of modern life: long hours at work without the stimulation of short walks at break times, followed by sitting down for a drink in the evening or settling ourselves for a cosy few hours on the sofa. Unfortunately, working conditions and habits do not meet our body’s needs.

The vital systems of the human body are designed for movement, physical exertion and periods of rest. It’s only by reaching a balance that we can achieve optimal performance and remain focussed at work.

Core Chair